Sports Without War Takes Action!

In August 2013, Sports Without War launched its first initiative, an effort to raise awareness around the Toronto Blue Jays’ “Sunday Salute.”  Every Sunday game at Rogers Centre this season featured a celebratory shout-out to members of the Canadian Armed Forces, just one manifestation of the expansion of military propaganda at professional sporting events.  This troubling development was made particularly ironic at a game in September when the Blue Jays honoured former star player Carlos Delgado on the same day as the “Sunday Salute.”  The irony, of course, is that Carlos Delgado was an outspoken advocate for peace and had, in his career, actively opposed the use of professional sports to promote militarism.

Members of Sports Without War produced and distributed leaflets outside the ballpark encouraging fans to consider precisely what was being saluted and why this might be a problem.  Below you’ll find a copy of the pamphlet that was distributed, to thousands of very positive and receptive Blue Jays fans, who agreed that rooting for the home team shouldn’t include cheering for violence and destruction.



Militarism and Sports

The collection of sports fans and activists who formed Sports Without War came together around a two-part series of articles describing the deep – and increasing – connections between sports and militarism in Canada.  These two articles are linked here:

Militarism and Sports (Part I)

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